Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Mitsubishi Electric: unprecedented comfort and efficiency

Mitsubishi Electric's variable refrigerant flow (VRF) zoning and split ductless solutions give you the ability to provide building occupants with personalized comfort control without sacrificing overall system efficiency.

800-306-0656* Air Science USA LLCAll Mitsubishi Electric solutions feature highly-responsive and efficient INVERTER compressor technology. INVERTER compressors ramp up or down quickly, providing just the right amount of energy necessary to achieve the cooling or heating demand of the zone. Then, working in tandem with system controls and sensors, the INVERTER compressor varies its speed to maintain the desired comfort level. Thus, the system performs at only the minimum energy levels necessary and does not waste electricity when partial-load conditions are present--which is 97% of the time in most locations.Solar Panels Plus is a Chesapeake, Virginia-based importer, distributor and manufacturer of solar energy products for residential and commercial applications including solar water heating, solar pool heating, and solar air conditioning and solar heating solutions. Solar Panels Plus distributes their wide range of products through a nationwide network of authorized dealers. For more information, visit www.solarpanelsplus.com3400 Lawrenceville Suwanee RdEnergy modeling software has compared Mitsubishi Electric's INVERTER-driven solutions with other types of HVAC systems, applying the design conditions for several major U.S. cities. Mitsubishi Electric's system performance was consistently 25% or more efficient than traditional systems.www.air-science.comMitsubishi Electric VRF and split ductless systems also save energy through zoning capabilities. Zoning enables personalized comfort control by delivering the right amount of refrigerant to precisely meet the load in a space. Systems can be sized and designed to adjust for a building's solar gain and the changing seasons. And, systems in vacant areas can be turned off, eliminating wasted heating or cooling capacity.Proof of EfficiencyCHESAPEAKE, Va. -- Solar Panels Plus (SPP), designer and manufacturer of solar water heaters, solar air conditioning/heating systems and photovoltaic solar panels, has released the SplitCool DC18, the world’s first and only DC-powered, high SEER air conditioning system. The SplitCool DC18 is ideal for any commercial or residential location where cooling or heating is required and grid power is unavailable, unreliable or requires generators (with potentially complex or costly refueling logistics).About Solar Panels Plus, Inc.There are other advantages to the SplitCool DC18 versus a traditional window or wall unit including that the remote compressor makes it significantly quieter and does not require a large hole in exterior walls. It also allows an interior room without an exterior wall to be cooled up to 50 feet away. The unit uses four or more 12 volt standard deep cycle batteries.Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating SolutionsSolar Panels Plus will be demonstrating the new SplitCool DC18 air conditioning system at the AHR Expo, Monday, January 25-Wednesday, January 27, in booth #1989. To schedule a meeting with Solar Panels Plus or for more information, contact Bill Keeler or Evan Siff at 781 684-0770 or spp@schwartz-pr.com.Suwanee, GA 30024The HVAC industry is beginning to recognize the benefits of part-load operation systems and is now rating these systems with a new procedure yielding an Integrated Energy Efficiency Ration (IEER) rating. IEER will be the gold standard for part-load systems in the near future, and Mitsubishi VRF systems are designed to be among the best.


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  1. Systems can be sized and designed to adjust for a building's solar gain and the changing seasons. Load Systems